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External Credit - Payment Access

See instructions below. Please use this link for the payment buttons. 

Self- Serve Payment Option. Use this to pay for External Credit Requests (Outside Conference, Independent Study TIC)

Self-Serve Payment Buttons.


1. Choose the amount of TIC you need to pay for from the buttons below and click on it.

2. Once you answer the security question, you'll be directed to the blank invoice.

3. Enter YOUR NAME as the Invoice Number and the Credit Request Title for the Description. These are required to properly credit your account and update your transcript.

4. Attach your confirmation receipt from Once you receive the confirmation receipt email showing successful payment, attach it to your External Credit Request and submit for final approval. Your transcript can only be updated when we receive your payment receipt. 

⬇ Click on the TIC amount you need to pay ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Click on the TIC amount you need to pay ⬇



✍ New: Pay for the difference owed for TIC in $5 increments:

☝ Don't forget to attach your payment confirmation receipt to your request for final approval.