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Exploring Digital Tools to Use with Students

Recently our Digital Learning Cohort (DLC) had an opportunity to spend a day exploring the use of digital tools that our students have access to. Our day was focused on the use of our Innovation iPad Carts, Student Tech4All iPads, and Student Tech4All Chromebooks.

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Google Drive Sharing Security Tip

Effectively managing sharing permissions in Google Drive is crucial for maintaining a secure and organized collaborative environment. By understanding the different levels of permissions, you can ensure that files and folders are shared appropriately, keeping our data safe and secure while also facilitating seamless collaboration among teachers, students, and staff members.

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Meet Scott Scheese

For 8 years, Scott Scheese has served as an educator in Thompson School District, teaching in TSD’s alternative and special education programs for several years before becoming a third-grade teacher at Big Thompson Elementary School in 2022.

Read about Scott’s unique journey to the world of education in our latest district profile.

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Enhancing Information Security in TSD

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is paramount, particularly in the education sector. With an ever-expanding online presence, the need to bolster defenses against cyber threats is more crucial than ever. This October, during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we focus on the increasing threats and attacks faced by K-12 institutions. Two new security campaigns are introduced to protect students, staff, and valuable data.

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TSD and IT Security Incidents

By understanding IT security incidents and knowing how to respond, we strengthen our collective ability to safeguard our district's information and assets.

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