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Who to Call

HR Service Area Contact
Absence Management 5005 Priscilla
Accidents 5003 Denise
Address Changes 5004 Tracy
Applications/Applitrack 5771 Christie
Benefits 5006 Dorothy
Classified Staff Handbook 5009 Tom
Column Changes 5003 Denise
Educator Effectiveness 5659 Keely
Employee Online 5771 Christie
Employee ID Cards 5771 Christie
Evaluations APT 5012 Bill
Evaluations Classified 5773 April
Evaluations Licensed 5771 Christie
FMLA 5774 Robbi
FTE Staffing 5012 Bill
Fingerprinting 5771 Christie
I-9s 5007 Sandy
Insurance 5004 Tracy
Induction 5966 Jeannie
Info/Data Requests 5008 Karen
Job Posting - Classified 5773 April
Job Posting - APT 5008 Karen
Job Posting - Licensed 5002 Dana
Learning Pro 5966 Jeannie
Leaves of Absence 5774 Robbi
Licensure 5002 Dana
Mentors 5008 Karen
Professional Development 5659 Keely
Property Loss 5003 Denise
Pre-placement Physical 5006 Dorothy
Public School Works 5006 Dorothy
RANDA 5771 Christie
Recruitment 5012 Bill
Safety 5006 Dorothy
Severance 5008 Karen
Sick Leave Bank 5774 Robbi
Student Travel 5006 Dorothy
Substitutes 5005 Priscilla
Verification of Employment 5008 Karen
Workers' Compensation 5003 Denise


HR Staff

Denise Absalom

Risk Manangement Specialist

Christie Alban

Hr Technician

Dorothy Barnhart

Benefits/Risk Manager

Karen Caruso

Executive Admin Assistant

Sandy Chaney

Hr Technician

Tracy Dockter

Insurance Benefits Specialist

Missy Foss


Priscilla Hernandez

Substitute Technician

Peggy Hubbard


April Mcfall

Hr Specialist

Dana Medich

Hr Specialist

Gisell Onate

Receptionist - Admin

Miriam Paz

Receptionist - Admin

Melissa Schneider

Chief Academic Officer

Bill Siebers

Chief Human Resource Officer

Robbi Stokovaz

Hr Benefits/Leaves Specialist

Thomas Texeira