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Classified Education Reimbursement

Download Classified Education Reimbursement Form

Money is available for education reimbursement for any current Classified staff employee who successfully completes a course, class or seminar and the staff member is employed during the time the classes are complete providing it meets the criteria as outlined below:

  1. Application for reimbursement of tuition and education related fees will be made on the district prepared form and must be received by:
    • September 15 for classes completed June 1 through August 31 (summer)
    • January 15 for classes completed September 1 through December 31 (fall)
    • June 15 for classes completed January 1 through May 31 (spring)
  2. Applications will be reviewed by the Education Reimbursement Committee by September 30, January 30, and June 30.
  3. An annual budget of $20,000 for education reimbursement will be available for distribution.
  4. The initial distribution per classified staff employee will be limited to a maximum of $500.00 for education reimbursement per eligibility period.
  5. Course/class/seminar receipt(s) must be provided along with this application.
  6. Verification of successful completion of course/class/seminar must be provided along with this application.

Return the Classified Education Reimbursement form to the Department of Human Resources by the due date above.