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Expectations for Student Teachers

The primary opportunity for the development and refinement of teaching skills is the student teaching assignment. Student teaching is a full-time placement that involves working with a cooperating teacher who provides guidance about instruction, assessment, classroom management, administrative tasks, and other education-related responsibilities. A college or university supervisor also provides feedback and formal evaluation. Student teaching must be done at the grade level(s) and in the content area for which certification is being sought. The student teacher is expected to actively participate in all facets of classroom and school life including activities such as lunch and recess duties, parent conferences, and teacher meetings.

The length of the student teaching assignment is determined by the college, university, or program. Typically, student teaching is for an entire semester. Sometimes the student teaching assignment is divided between two schools (elementary and secondary), or grade levels (kindergarten and fourth grade). Other placements may be in one grade level or school for the duration of the assignment. Thompson School District does not pay student teachers during their assigned student teaching duties, unless they are qualified to substitute (see "Student Teachers as Substitutes" below).

The following points will help clarify the expectations that Thompson School District has for all student teachers assigned in the district.