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Placement Process

  1. Human Resources requests schools indicate their interest and capacity for accepting student teachers.
  2. Student teachers complete a student teacher application in AppliTrack.
  3. Buildings review applications and interview potential student teachers. Buildings communicate with Human Resources on tentative placements.
  4. Student teacher placements from colleges and universities are confirmed by Human Resources with Thompson School District schools.
  5. Human Resources runs background checks and works with Innovative Technology Services to secure email accounts for student teachers. Human Resources verifies all student teacher paperwork, including student teaching agreements, are complete and signed.
  6. Student teachers begin student teaching placement.
  7. Human Resources Director and Student Teacher Coordinator will come visit the student teacher in the school towards the beginning of the placement.
  8. Human Resources hosts a student teacher reception covering the following:
    • Thompson School District's application process
    • Licensure
    • Resume, cover letters, and interviewing tips
    • Substituting in Thompson School District