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Cooperating Teacher Orientation for Student Teacher

Preparing for the Student Teacher

  • Become familiar with all of the available background information on student teacher.
  • Communicate with students, parents, and school staff regarding the assignment of a student teacher.
  • Arrange for a work area, computer access and other basic necessities for student teacher.
  • Contact and share instructional information and materials with student teacher prior to arrival.
  • Make tentative plans for student teacher's early observation of other teachers, initial teaching a participatory experiences, and orientation to the school building.

Brief Student Teacher on School Procedures

  • Reporting teacher and student absences/tardiness.
  • Fire, tornado, lock down drill and treat assessment procedures.
  • Use of school property including instructional materials and electronics. • Reporting of student injuries or illness.
  • Recess and lunch duties and responsibilities.
  • Process to release students early.
  • Use of the Media Center.
  • Specific roles of school staff including principal, assistant principal, school psychologist, counselors, teachers, instructional coaches, support staff, etc.
  • Process to order supplies and support materials.
  • Attendance at staff meetings, in-service/staff development trainings, collaboration days, parent-teacher conferences and other extended teacher responsibilities.

Brief Student Teacher on Classroom Environment Procedures

  • Discuss classroom management procedures including:
    • establish routines and daily schedules
    • distribution and collection of materials
    • seating plans and charts
    • progressive discipline process

Brief Student Teacher on Classroom Procedures for Instruction

  • Discuss communicating with students including:
    • providing directions and procedures
    • grade level indicators and benchmarks
    • district and state testing requirements
    • assessment of instruction and grading practices
    • use of computers, media and other technologies for instruction
    • use of instructional materials and resources to engage students in learning
  • Review and discuss TSDs' Standards-Based Teaching and Learning Framework.
  • Discuss the development, format, and expectations of lesson plans and the use of approved district curriculum.

Brief Student Teacher on Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintaining accurate student records on assessments, attendance, and behavior.
  • Complying with state and federal programs such as Title I, Section 504, and IEP's. Regularly communicating with students' parents and guardians.