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Assumptions of the Student Teaching Experience

Now that you have successfully completed a major portion of your teacher preparation program, you are ready to begin your field experience through your student teaching
assignment. You will find this phase of your program both challenging and rewarding since you will experience first-hand your role as a developing professional in the educational process.
Your most important assignments, roles and responsibilities require your active involvement, professionalism, genuine enthusiasm and eager participation.
The following operating assumptions underlie your student teaching experience in the Thompson School District:

  • You are a guest in the classroom, seeking to learn and grow
  • You have a genuine interest and motivation to work with diverse learners
  • You are not merely meeting a requirement by doing student teaching
  • You are willing to collaborate with others to learn
  • You are taking charge of your own learning through commitment
  • You possess effective interpersonal communication skills
  • You are receptive to constructive criticism and wiling to use feedback and input

This is your opportunity to enrich your educational experience. As such, this experience requires: effective language skills; positive attitude; and high levels of professionalism including dress, critical thinking, creativity, self-analysis, commitment, motivation and enthusiasm.