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Comp Time Tracker

Instructions for using the Comp Time Tracker

  1. Copy the Comp Time Tracker 2023-24 to your Google Drive.
  2. Enter your normal work hours on the tracker under the July tab, this will now be reflected on all spreadsheets. The default is 40 hours for 8-hour full-time employees. If your position is 7.5 hours a day, and you are full time, you will enter 37.5 in the box.
  3. All comp time must be approved prior to receiving and using it. (Please see page 18 of the Classified Handbook for more details)
  4. When extra hours are worked, enter the number of hours in the "xtra hours" box and enter the reason in the box below. Please round up to the nearest quarter hour.
  5. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the number of comp hours you are earning based on your specific number of hours a week. See "Month End Total" to see the total. The total will automatically carry over to the next month.
    • Note: Please do not type any time earned in column W. The spreadsheet uses formulas in that column to add up your time.
  6. If you are off for a holiday, non-work day or taking leave, enter that on the box "leave taken /non-work day" so the spreadsheet will calculate your comp time correctly for that given week.

If you have any questions on how to use the tracker or run into a problem, please contact the Classified Staffing Specialist at 970-613-5773.