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Staff Laptop Replacement Process

Bottom of a MacBook with a blue sticker listing the year deployed and year to retire

In 2023 we implemented a new 5-year staff computer replacement cycle. In the past, we asked folks to complete a survey if they felt their device was due for replacement. The client services team has worked hard to find all of our staff devices and place them into our new asset management system. This lets us automatically find all computers that are 5 years old without you having to remember to fill out the survey. Each staff member who is eligible will have a ticket opened for them. The ticket will alert the staff member via email when it is opened and when their tech will come to help them upgrade their device.

How can you help this process?

Once you receive the ticket, follow these steps to save any files you want to move to your new computer using your Google drive. Let your technician know in the ticket if you need help with this process. We would be happy to help.

Why upload to Google Drive?

  • easy to store and access your files online in the cloud, from any computer with an internet connection. *pro tip, your H (or home) drive is only available from TSD buildings, whereas your Google Drive is accessible anywhere!

  • if you upload files from compatible programs like Microsoft Word or Excel, you can even edit them in Google drive.

80-20% Policy Removed

ITS has worked with the finance team to change the 80/20% arrangement for staff computer replacements. ITS will now pay 100% of the replacement costs for staff devices. This will allow for school budgets to help with other needs including the costs of repairs to student devices.

All staff devices that are replaced this year will have a red sticker on the back of their machine. Over the next 5 years, we will replace all staff and student devices, using a different colored sticker to represent each year. This will help alert staff and students as to when their device is due to be replaced. Please help us by not removing the stickers.

Staff device choices are a MacBook Air, PC laptop or Chromebook, depending on their job classification.

Please see the table below to know when your device will be replaced.

Color Purchased Retirement
Red 22-23


Blue 23-24 28-29
Green 24-25 29-30
Purple 25-26 30-31
Yellow 26-27 31-32